Vicki Dello Joio presents

Days of Deepening

FREE Webinar Series
Optimize the Energy of Autumn

#1 of 3 - Sept 24, 2018

#3 of 3 - Fri. Nov. 23, 10:30 am

Autumn is a time of coming home to your very essence.
Fall teaches us to shed excess and to consolidate energy.

Take some time to connect with your core and revitalize your energy as the days shorten and the nights lengthen. Shore up your Joy in this 3 part series of free monthly webinars with revitalizing qigong exercises that will:

• Ground you for the coming season of winter
• Provide specific energetic support for the days ahead
• Embody the spirit of gratitude and thanks-giving
• Establish a brief morning practice to sustain your joy

The Way of Joy with Vicki Dello Joio
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Author and Founder of The Way of Joy: A Spiritual Fitness Program, Vicki Dello Joio is an acclaimed master teacher, life-changing workshop leader and show-stopping theater performer, whose brand of brilliance is motivating people to claim their birthright of Joy.

Creator and producer of sold out live events that "change lives in a New York Minute", Vicki inspires people from coast to coast with her embodied reminders that joy is your birthright — a fuel, not a goal — and your secret key to life satisfaction and abiding success on your own terms.

Inducted into the Women’s Martial Artists Hall of Fame for her over 40 years experience teaching qi practices, Vicki guides appreciative audiences to infuse the lessons learned in their hearts, heads, and guts into their very cells so the transformation stays with them for a lifetime.