Vicki Dello Joio’s heartfelt desire is to touch, transform and empower thousands of lives by integrating spiritual fitness into the very essence of their being. She leads virtual, online live qigong sessions where people can tune in from anywhere in the world to be calm, centered, and focused on exactly that.

If you would like to enroll in the upcoming classes or events, Contact Vicki and ask to be notified and you’ll be guided to show up at the proper time to get the magic.

Do you sometimes feel “unraveled,” stuck in stagnant energy, or nudged by a sense that you could be having a fuller experience of life?

“Vicki Dello Joio builds a bridge for us to cross, from East to West, and a way for us to weave together again what has come unraveled — our selves.”  — Efrem Korngold, OMD, LAc, co-author of Between Heaven and Earth, A Guide To Chinese Medicine

How about some Transformation in a New York Minute?  Wait…Is that possible? Well, how’s this: a New York Minute for Life-long Change?

Transformation is the process of a lifetime, based on the choices we make each and every moment. When our energy is blocked, emotions run amok, body-mind-heart connection gets disconnected, we do NOT make good choices. Certainly not in the moment nor for living our fullest, most Joy-fueled life.

Vicki walks you across that bridge, teaching you how to work with your energy — internally and outwardly — to remove those blocks, still those run-amok emotions, and bring body-mind-heart into balance. In a New York Minute!

Here’s the Transformation part: Vicki offers programs, practices and personal coaching drawn from her 40 years of qigong energy practice and 40 years in theater as writer, director and actor, with some woo, renegade,playfulness, and Joy added in. Working with her moves you to a life where…

  • You feel better, laugh more, and worry A LOT less
  • You feel balance, prepared to enjoy the best and move through the worst
  • You direct your intention to create inspired results in everything you do
  • You choose moment-to-moment from a deep place of clarity, grace and ease
  • You expand your capacity to achieve your full potential and feel…Joy-fueled

Wake Up and Feel the Qi

Qigong at Lake Temescal, Oakland, CA
Outdoor Classes — All levels

Thursday Mornings 7:30-8:15 am​ AM — Temescal Park, Oakland, CA

$75 for series of 4; ($25 single class drop in)

See EVENTS for Class schedule>
All dates subject to change.

Recharge yourself with these effective 45 minute, outdoor practice sessions
to revitalize your energy and calm your spirit. Practices include short and long forms from the Way of Joy Qigong that will

• relax your mind (shen or Heaven realm)
• open your heart (qi or the Human realm)
• invigorate your energy (jing or the Earth realm).

We practice in Temescal Park near the SOUTH entrance off Broadway Terrace, right across from entrance to Hwy 13 (south). It’s a short, easy walk from the small parking lot. Just walk towards the Lake and you will find us near under the Redwoods. Or come a little early and enjoy a brisk energizing walk around the lake before practice!   

Founder and Host of Qi Talks
With the National Qigong Association
Vicki Dello Joio

The National Qigong Association is very proud to present a monthly conversation with some of the brightest Energy Arts minds in the world and share them with you through QiTalks with your host Vicki Dello Joio (Often referred to the “Terry Gross” of the Qigong world.)

2nd Thursday of the month.

Anyone can register, tune in, listen and even ask questions of our special guest during the live QiTalks broadcast. Additionally, you’ll want to stay tuned to the end of the broadcast as many of our special guest offer gifts / discounts on training materials just for participating in the call!


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