Argghhh! I’ve felt so stuck this week trying to put together my calendar, my commitments and my work priorities. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle that just won’t fit. I try arranging, then rearranging until I finally give up and walk away — just put it off til “later”. And whaddaya know? I wake up the next morning and the problems are still there, visions and projects that just don’t fit together properly.  Then I get lost in the wasteland of “I don’t know what I’m doing!”

So what DO I know? I know that each of these projects and commitments matter to me. I also know these blocks, even though I’m getting sore from bumping up against them, have some kind of f*#@in’ reason to be here.

I’m not sure whether it is stubborn obstinacy or brilliant dedication but I still believe there is information in these blocks and a solution that I just haven’t seen yet.

In a recent blog, I spoke about energetic ways to eliminate power struggle without becoming blaming and argumentative or just giving up and “losing heart”.

Now as I look at my internal power struggle about which project goes where in my calendar, I see it is time to try to grab hold of what my qi practices are teaching me.

Vicki Dello Joio, founder of The Way of Joy: A Spiritual Fitness Program, is a teacher, speaker and performing artist. Integrating over 40 years of Chi Kung practice with other martial arts as well as her work in Yoga, Feldenkreis, physical fitness and theater, Vicki has developed a dynamic set of tools to increase awareness, transform obstacles into opportunities and enhance creative potential. Book: The Way of JoyCD: Short Meditations for a Busy Life.