Mom qigong 2 mom qigong 5:22

 “Want to practice qigong?” I asked. “What a Great Idea!” Mama answered.



It was one of those rushed days, so I ate a hard boiled egg for a late lunch as I was driving to a meeting — Not healthy, I know, I know.

But with the scent of the egg, I had a kind of Highway 24-Proust moment— a memory of my mom picking me up after school when I was about 7 to take me to my very first theater audition in New York City. She brought a hard boiled egg and an apple for me to eat in the yellow cab on our way downtown. It all seemed so exotic and sophisticated.

So with the scent of an egg, I had a chance to remember how many times she saw something in me and went out of her way to be sure I’d have a shot at my dream. A good day for gratitude.

Speaking of food memories…

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