Creating Good Vibrations: A Qigong Video

Creating Good Vibrations: A Qigong Video

Got Qi?

Do you ever wonder why one person might seem to have “good vibes” while someone else puts out “bad” ones? Do you sometimes feel, despite your best efforts, like you are just plain feeling negative? Ok maybe not you, but how about someone you know?

Explosion of positive energy. Photo by Łukasz Strachanowski

When our bodies, thoughts, feelings and behavior are aligned, our good energy becomes contagious. The practice of Qigong offers a powerful tool that restores and enhances that positive energy called wei qi. This is a kind of protective energy that is, in essence, open, expansive, and assertive, as though you are so surrounded by positive qi that the negative or draining becomes irrelevant.

What do you tend to do when you are around someone who brings you down? And how do you bring your energy back up when you feel like you are sinking into overwhelm, anxiety, depression or stress?

Vicki Dello Joio, founder of The Way of Joy: A Spiritual Fitness program, is a teacher, speaker and performing artist. Integrating over 40 years of Chi Kung practice with other martial arts as well as her work in Yoga, Feldenkreis, physical fitness and theater, Vicki has developed a dynamic set of tools to increase awareness, transform obstacles into opportunities and enhance creative potential. Book: The Way of Joy: An Evolutionary Process to Awaken Inspiration, Focus Intention and Manifest Fulfillment, CD: Short Meditations for a Busy Life.