One-Day Workshop for Speakers and Story-Tellers

  • Learn how to Inspire, Motivate, and Transform your audience from the stage.
  • Explore improvisational techniques that keep your material fresh and your mind alert, even when you have stage fright.
  • Discover how to get bigger while staying authentically You.

You’ll walk away with skills you can use again and again to make any story sing and deliver your message with heart-filled presence.

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TESTIMONIALS for One-Day Workshop

It’s incredible to witness the palpable shift in someone who has just gotten in touch with something deep inside that Vicki has drawn out in them — right before your eyes! They just look different – their eyes sparkle, their energy elevates, their face shines, they bring all of us into their story.  It’s an amazing and uplifting thing to witness, and this is what happens so beautifully in Vicki’s class!

What made this training different than others I’ve been to is…it’s fun! We play games, do qigong movement, interact with each other in a creative, loving way — did I mention that it’s fun? And there’s method to Vicki’s madness because we are opened up to sharing our best selves in our stories. Then she takes ‘director’ role and coaches each of us personally to bring out and hone our story. Never experienced anything like this before!

Not only does Vicki have vast experience in storytelling, improv, communication, speaking, energy work, and coaching, she also is a deep, loving, generous soul who simply brings out the best in people in a safe space. She believes each and every one of us has a story to tell, an important message to the world, and I promise she’ll uncover yours. An experience not to be missed.

— Bettyanne Green. Content Marketing Strategist / Concierge Copywriter   

What made this training different than others I’ve been to is…Vicki!  Vicki’s energy is so powerful and her presence throughout the day was focused on each person’s needs. Heart-centered and compassionate, she guides and supports each person to expand in their own way. Vicki’s background in acting, storytelling and qigong adds a depth and richness to her coaching. She is able to see and reflect back what will be most helpful to the telling of each person’s unique story.

Vicki creates a safe space to be vulnerable, to play and explore your life and story. She is a masterful coach and sees how to make each person’s story more powerful and meaningful. Vicki will help you get to the essence of your story as well as make connections in your story to your life that you might not have been able to see on your own. She is a creative and playful coach who is deeply respectful of each person. She meets you wherever you are in your own process of telling your story and helps you expand from that place. She is dedicated to helping others tell their story in the most magnificent way.

Tish Reese, LMFT, Health + Healing from the Heart, (should we out websites? She asked for it)

Vicki’s masterful story-telling guidance and insight, plus the range of rich stories opened a door to each participant’s life journey. Heart-felt connection and remarkable community. Thank you for sharing your passion and brilliance!

Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA  

One powerful thing I learned was that it’s harder than I realized to tell my stories to other people. It seems easier to just run them in my head. But, truth be told, it really feels way better to begin to try and put them out for others to hear.

The magic of a safe space created by Vicki to ease my fears, in spite of them (the fears) still being there. What people who are thinking of working with Vicki need to know is she’s a midwife who is committed to the very best birth of creative expression possible, And she’s a good Mom too!

Annie Kane. Poet, Activist,

Showing your story and really feeling it conveys so much more about yourself, than just telling it. Vicki can really tap into our inner feelings and emotions and the stories we have that make us who we are. She is a kind, caring and gentle soul who makes such a safe environment for women to be exactly who they are. She really knows how to pull out your inner self to shine to the world. I also want to say that she makes the workshops a fun, sacred environment and that her improv experience is out of this world.

Bonnie Lafer, Acting with Confidence for Kids

One powerful thing I learned yesterday is how important it is to have a coach that can take you deeper as well as how healing it is to be witnessed. What made this training different than others I’ve been to is Vicki’s ability to take people into the present moment of the story to make it come alive. I would highly recommend taking her workshop (or experiencing her coaching) It will transform you.

Anna-Thea, Divine Feminine Educator,

Vicki is is able to bring the deeper story from people. I was moved over and over again by her doing so — and particularly moved as she did so with me. It was an absolute pleasure being at her workshop and getting to watch her work with us on our stories. I loved it!

Claudia Norby, Attorney   

2) AMP IT UP! 
Seven-Week VIP Showcase Performance Intensive

  • Craft your compelling 10 minute performance-ready story so that it carries your audience on  the journey to your message
  • Receive fine-tuned Laser coaching to get to the essence of your story for optimal impact
  • Try It Out in an exclusive live showcase performance (with video)
  • Learn skills you can apply to any story, anytime

You’ll walk away with a powerfully authentic 10+ minute story you can expand or contract to fit any message you want to deliver. Plus you’ll have the feedback and skills for when you want to create your next story

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TESTIMONIALS for Amp It Up Workshop

Vicki Dello Joio is truly a master at compassionately helping you get to the hidden story that holds you stuck by bringing out the hard parts in a way that allows you to grow new sprouts in the wasteland of old cement. I know because I have worked with her multiple times.

Jen Duchene, Akashic Healer, Creator of the Illuminating Journey Cards.

There are stories that we tell and there are the stories in which we dwell. Vicki doesn’t let you mistake them. The stories in which we dwell define us. Some of these stories are so much a part of us, we are oblivious to their nature. It takes someone with the courage and brilliance of Vicki to see where our heart lives and point out the truth and beauty of the stories that provide our true shelter: our stories of authenticity and resilience, of humor and of devastation, of wisdom and of love.

Once she has helped you birth your story, she then helps you present these precious experiences to the world in a way that allows others to love you, the storyteller and your story as much as she does. I’ll be honest. Don’t work with Vicki if you don’t have the courage to meet your true self. Do take this class if you want to dive deeply into your own precious life and retrieve the pearl of transformation! Nobody who works with Vicki ever leaves untouched and unloved by the unique wisdom and magic she has to offer!

Judith Cohen CPCC, MCC, MSW “The Coach’s Coach”  

From a Showcase Audience Member

“The ‘Rockstar Speakers Showcase’ was, simply put, a celebration of the transformative power of storytelling! Vicki’s coaching is some kind of heartful-playground-qigong-urban spunk-improv alchemy that appears to bring out the creative brilliance in everyone.

Each speaker shared her personal story and passion for her work through what has to be called performance art. Each one unique, personal, heartstring-pulling and uplifting in her own way. It was evident that in the course of their work with Vicki, these women learned not only theater and improv techniques to bring more life into their talks, but also some life-shifting lessons about themselves. From the energy in the room, I know I was not the only audience member completely taken with this group and their stories.

Vicki wisely interpersed the talks with playful exercises for the whole group that took us out of our spectator boxes, moved our energy and gave us a taste of what it would be like to work with her. It was a brilliant and beautiful experience all-around, and I can’t wait to see (or take part in) the next showcase!” – Bettyanne Green

Six-Month Program to Dive Deep

  • Learn how to Inspire, Motivate, and Transform your audience from the stage.
  • Explore improvisational techniques that keep your material fresh and your mind alert, even when you have stage fright.
  • Discover how to get bigger while staying authentically You.

Includes group classes, private coaching, performance premiere and more. You’ll walk away with skills you can use again and again to make any story sing and deliver your message with heart-filled presence. 

Next series coming in January 2019.

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TESTIMONIALS for six-month program

 Vicki Dello Joio is a sensitive, enthusiastic, seasoned storyteller and storytelling coach. While recently participating in her six-month Rock Star Speaking and Storytelling Program, Vicki whole-heartedly supported me to craft and convey my story, encouraging me to incorporate poetry, movement and music.

She was willing to go the extra mile regarding all the technical inputs and created a comfortable environment for the storytellers and audiences. Whether you are a novice or pro, if you want to up-level your storytelling skills and do so in community, Vicki is the master to take you higher…and deeper.

Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA