You don’t have to sell all your belongings and move to a mountaintop to experience peace of mind. Now you can access “quick pivot” energy tools to bring you back to center — no matter where you are, no matter what challenges you are facing.

A virtual toolbox of Energetic Power Tools right at your fingertips to help you quickly shift out of negativity and become calm and centered – anytime, anywhere!

“Pivot to Positive” How To’s

Scan the list of common challenges on the left side of this page. Or, with optimized mobile version, click on the icon above the welcome video to see the list of options. Note: The navigation list of emotions is for demo purposes only. Links will be active after purchase. Once you’ve signed up for this program, simply select the feeling that is closest to what you are experiencing and click on it. You’ll then be taken to a page with brief instructions and two or more short “quick-shift” videos. To see how this works, experience these powerful techniques in action below:

Sample “Pivot to Positive” Jumpstart Page:

Burn Out / Exhaustion

You don’t burn out from going to fast. You burn out from going too slow and getting bored. — Cliff Burton

Stimulate your “get up and go” with Shake It Awake, then use the Water Wheel to recharge and store your energy when you are running on empty. Finally, you may want to add a little discernment with The Fountain to improve your choices that got you to a place of burnout.

Shake It Awake (1:12)

  • releases tension in your muscles.
  • stimulates a flow of endorphins to give you more energy.

Try putting on your own music and doing this practice for a whole song!

Earth to Heaven, Heaven to Earth (4:34)

Activates your ability to

  • align your structure so you can connect to both guidance and grounding.
  • Access resources greater than your own personal will and receive support from heaven and earth.

Water Wheel (3:44)

is a medical qigong form that

  • replenishes the kidneys which are your reserve tank of strength.
  • circulates energy through your body opening you to new possiblities.
  • allows you to let go of what’s not working so you can focus on what is working.

“I Love, love, love Transformation in a New York Minute! The program is easy to navigate and feels flexible and accessible. The teachings are beautiful and it feels so organic to not only follow along with you but to join you in practice. Your voice is so calm, steady and present I feel like you are right here with me. Thank you for this wonderful gift – it’s difficult to imagine not having it now that I am aware that it is here!! – I am super excited to keep going with it and to find my favorite “go-to” exercises. Fabulous work and a wonderful resource Vicki!”

— Lee Yeates, Registered Midwife, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

“I just used the Jumpstart program with my daughter – It was fabulous! And I want you to know that the music perfectly complements both your voice and the exercise.”

— Fareen L. Jamal, Jamal Family Law, Oakville, Ontario

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