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Your Power Presence Mentor Vicki Dello Joio

Vicki is an engaged and knowledgeable guest. I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing her as she brought her wealth of information and applicable recommendations to an easy and flowing conversation. I highly recommend her for an enlightening interview!
-Dr. Carly Hudson, D.C., Healing Ground Movement podcast


Vicki Dello Joio (DEL-lo JOY-o)
Cell: 510-325-0993 (text too)
Vicki lives in Oakland, CA (PT)

Vicki Dello Joio brings a lifetime of experience as a world-class performer, sold out show-stopper and transformational speaker who has brought audiences to their feet time and again. In addition, she brings almost 50 years experience as a Master Teacher of Qigong, ancient Chinese practices for energy management. She has found that when speakers harness their personal energy they communicate with passion, presence and power.

With her diverse background, Vicki has developed unique teaching methods to work with people to focus their energy with increased awareness, transform obstacles into opportunities and enhance their creative potential so they can have the impact they know they were born to make, both in business and in life.

Now she is applying her years of experience to support visionary speakers, entrepreneurs and business leaders to take inspired action, step into leadership, sustain their momentum over time and change the world right here, right now.

Samples of Past Speaking Engagements

Video Interviews, Podcasts, and Radio:

Bring Your Power Presence to the Virtual and Live Stage with Vicki Dello Joio and Nancy Juetten, March 31, 2022
Creative Side Business for Women Summit with Carrie Nerbonne. Vicki talks about “The Secret Sauce behind Charisma, Energy infused methods to make you stand out.” June 30, 2022

Present (since 2013) – Vicki Hosts “Qi Talks” for National Qigong Association: Interviews with internationally recognized Qigong Teachers, airing the 2nd Thursday of each month from 8:30-9:30 pm Eastern.

Living to 100 Club, Dr. Joe Casciani with Vicki Dello Joio: “Becoming More Empowered by Owning the Story about Who We Are” Oct. 7, 2022

INpowered Mind-INpowered Health with host Jayne Marquis with Vicki Dello Jolo “The Energy behind Charisma: The Secret Sauce for Authentic Connections!” Sept. 28, 2022 – 

Age Sister Podcast (How to live your best life in midlife and beyond), Kate Milne interviews Vicki Dello Joio – “How to Deliver Your Message with Passion, Presence, and Power” Sept. 15, 2022 –

Interview with Vicki Dello Joio, Master Qi Gong Teacher, Author, Inspirational Speaker
Masters of the Matrix – with Greg Em August 7, 2022

Vicki Dello Joio Speaks at WE EmPOWER You Global Virtual Summit, June 8, 2022 with Bettina Carey, Founder & CEO

Bringing Heaven to Earth, Earth Angels International, May 25, 2022 – Vicki Dello Joio joins Seph Dietlin in this episode to share her story and how you can bring high vibrating energy into your experience and gain the momentum that you are looking for.

Vicki Dello Joio – Energy & Joy Master Teacher, The Next Chapter Experience with Janette Blissett, Podcast: May 14, 2022

Embodied Storytelling, Mime, and Qigong, Vicki Dello Joio with Whitney Ann Jenkins Unconditioning: Discovering the voice Within Podcast: April 29, 2022

Moving Energy, Spiritual Fitness, and Personal Power Presence with Vicki Dello Joio – Rebellious Wellness Over 50 podcast with Gregory Ann Cox

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