Location: Moret-sur-Loing 77250, France

This charming medieval town, on the outskirts of Loing near Fontainebleau, is a lovely place to visit, and is known for its impressionist painters.

The Lotus flower, a spiritual symbol in many cultures, has the ability to draw from roots deep in swampy waters and transform that stagnation into fuel for growth, emanating an exquisitely fine-tuned energy. Gentle, powerful and inspiring, the Lotus is a qigong practice that energetically rewires your neuro-pathways so you can:

  • Transform resistance and jumpstart your momentum
  • Hear, trust and follow your heart’s guidance
  • Live Life with purpose and power “from the inside out”.

Everything you’ve experienced has contributed to the wisdom and power of who you are now. This workshop offers powerful, embodied ways to convert what may seem like the “muck” of your life into fuel for growth and fulfillment.

July 6 and 7, 2019

Saturday (10 to 5) & Sunday (10 to 1): 90 Euros or $100

Saturday Only: 60 Euros or $70

On Day 1 of the workshop you will set your intention, learn this beautiful walking qigong form and optimize the energy of summer in order to live and walk your talk powerfully from your heart. 

On Day 2 you will fine-tune your technique and deepen your personal practice so you can access it at any time.

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In Europe, for more information or to pay by check contact: Martine Hatton, email: m.hatton@wanadoo.fr
In USA, for more information or to pay by check in American dollars, contact Vicki Dello Joio directly, email: vicki@wayofjoy.com

Excerpts from Vicki’s Lotus Qigong Video.

Recorded at Whiskeytown Lake in Northern California
Music by Sherry Mouser

Vicki Dello Joio, Author and Founder of “The Way of Joy: A Spiritual Fitness Program,” is a master teacher of Way of Joy Qigong, a transformational speaker, life-changing workshop leader and show-stopping performing artist. Inducted into the Women’s Martial Artists Hall of Fame for her 40+ years experience teaching qi practice, Vicki has integrated her work in Yoga, Feldenkreis, physical fitness and theater to develop a dynamic set of tools that increase awareness, transform obstacles into opportunities and enhance creative potential.

Vicki is the founder and host of “Qi Talks”, a monthly broacast of conversations with some of the brightest Energy Arts minds in the world, presented by the National Qigong Association. Vicki’s book, The Way of Joy, DVDs and CDs, as well as her live webinars have inspired people globally to develop a practice of living their lives with joy.

Moret-sur-Loing 77250, France, near Fontainebleau