Discover tried and true theatrical secrets to embody your message so you
at the same time you engage them.
Thursday, July 25, 2019
10 am – 5 pm   £160
CEDR, IDRC, 70 Fleet St, London
With Transformational Speaker and
Life-Changing Workshop Leader
Vicki Dello Joio
  • INSPIRE, Motivate and Transform your audience from stage
  • CRAFT a compelling journey that carries your audience with you
  • LEARN how to have a Bigger Impact while staying authentically you
  • AMP UP the power of your message by learning how to “Show, Not Tell” your story
  • EXPLORE improvisational techniques to keep your material fresh and your mind alert, even when you have stage fright
  • INFUSE your presence with irrepressible, irresistible energy to magnetize your ideal clients in this day-long transformational event.
Vicki Dello Joio brings a lifetime of experience as a world-class performer, transformational speaker and qigong master teacher who has brought audiences to their feet time and again. What’s unique about her programs is that she takes over 40 years of experience in both qi/energy practices AND theater directing and performance to empower participants to be more effective and charismatic as they deliver their message.

Now she is applying her years of experience to support trainers, speakers, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders, to take inspired action, step into leadership and change the world right here, right now.
July 25 "Playshop"  £160
"Vicki Dello Joio is a wonder…eloquent…gifted…inspiring." (
"Whether you are a novice or pro, if you want to up-level your storytelling skills and do so in community, Vicki is the master to take you higher…and deeper." — Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA,

"She believes each and every one of us has a story to tell, an important message to the world, and I promise she’ll uncover yours. An experience not to be missed." — Bettyanne Green, Content Marketing Strategist / Concierge Copywriter 
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