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Your Power Presence Mentor Vicki Dello Joio

Vicki is an engaged and knowledgeable guest. I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing her as she brought her wealth of information and applicable recommendations to an easy and flowing conversation. I highly recommend her for an enlightening interview!
-Dr. Carly Hudson, D.C., Healing Ground Movement podcast


Vicki Dello Joio (DEL-lo JOY-o)
Cell: 510-325-0993 (text too)
Vicki lives in Oakland, CA (PT)

Vicki Dello Joio brings a lifetime of experience as a world-class performer, sold out show-stopper and transformational speaker who has brought audiences to their feet time and again. In addition, she brings almost 50 years experience as a Master Teacher of Qigong, ancient Chinese practices for energy management. She has found that when speakers harness their personal energy they communicate with passion, presence and power.

With her diverse background, Vicki has developed unique teaching methods to work with people to focus their energy with increased awareness, transform obstacles into opportunities and enhance their creative potential so they can have the impact they know they were born to make, both in business and in life.

Now she is applying her years of experience to support visionary speakers, entrepreneurs and business leaders to take inspired action, step into leadership, sustain their momentum over time and change the world right here, right now.

Speaking Topics, Promotion Material, and Suggested Questions
Two Areas of Interest for Podcast Hosts:


1) Uncommon Keys to Presentation and Speaking Success

Promo Copy:

For speakers, business leaders, coaches and experts ready to amp up their message so it truly lands. The energy you bring to everything you do is what matters most? Whether speaking from a stage, on a screen, to a small group or one-on-one, how people experience you in unspoken ways can push them away or draw them to you.

“Energy” is more than healing modalities like acupuncture or body work — it shows up in the stories you tell, both in terms of WHAT you say and HOW you say it.

Vicki Dello Joio has guided hundreds of clients to step into the spotlight, speak their message with passion, presence and power so they can serve people in the ways they know they were born to do.

Your audience will learn how to

  • Command the stage, screen or room while staying authentic.
  • Explore techniques to keep their mind alert (even with stage fright)
  • Discover Uncommon Ways to Amplify the Power of your Presence (who knew that qigong, ancient Chinese practices for energy management, could make all the difference?)


Vicki Dello Joio fires up visionary speakers to amplify their charisma and deliver their message with passion, presence, and power.

Drawing on decades of theater performance and directing experience and life-long study of martial arts, Vicki stands apart from other trainers by focusing on both the crafting of the story(ies) her clients tell AND the energy of how they deliver messages for even more impact to their memorable and remarkable delivery.

Since 1987, her methods have touched and transformed hundreds of speakers to stand and deliver with joy, confidence, and ease through live and virtual workshops that get everyone talking.


Vicki Dello Joio fires up visionary speakers to amplify their charisma and deliver their message with passion, presence, and power.

Her methods for both crafting stories AND her focus on the energy behind how they are told have touched and transformed hundreds of speakers to stand and deliver with joy, confidence, and ease.


Potential Questions to guide our conversation

  1. Why do you do this work and how did you get into it?
  2. Why qigong and other martial arts?
  3. Why is it important for speakers, entrepreneurs and business owners to pay attention to their energy?
  4. What are some concepts from martial arts that all speakers and business owners should know?
  5. What are some tips to manage stage fright?
  6. Can you share some success stories?
  7. What makes people lean forward when a speaker is on stage?
  8. Why do stories matter?
  9. What are some of the things that give a story that wow factor?
  10. What are the “Don’t dos” you need to avoid when telling a personal story from the stage?
  11. What are some embodied tools we can use to amplify the power of our presence while still honoring the “shy self”?

2) Essential Keys to Spiritual Fitness for a Joy-fueled Life

Promo Copy:

Transformation is the process of a lifetime, based on the choices you make each and every moment. When your energy is blocked, emotions run amok, body-mind-heart connection gets disconnected, we do NOT make good choices. Certainly not in the moment nor for living our fullest, most Joy-fueled life.

Vicki walks you across that bridge, teaching you how to work with your energy — internally and outwardly — to remove those blocks, still those run-amok emotions, and bring body-mind-heart into balance. All in a New York Minute!

Your audience will discover how to

  • Direct their intention to create inspired results and feel…Joy-fueled
  • Develop a deep place of clarity, ease and grace for those moment-to-moment choices
  • Feel better, laugh more, and worry a LOT less


Vicki Dello Joio is a life-changing workshop leader, Qi (energy) master teacher and inspirational speaker. Since 1975, her brand of brilliance has empowered wellness-motivated and spiritually-inclined seekers to infuse body-mind-spirit practices into their very cells so they can tap into their birthright of joy — use it as a fuel not a goal — for a lifetime.

Popular host of monthly program Qi Talks and a Hall of Fame-recognized teacher of the Chinese Art of Qigong by the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors, Vicki’s “Spiritual Fitness” program and book, The Way of Joy, has transformed the lives of thousands of participants.

(Pronunciation Key: Qi is chee. Qigong is chee gong)


Life-changing workshop leader and Qi (energy) master teacher, Vicki Dello Joio empowers spiritual seekers to embrace their birthright of joy — use it as fuel not a goal — with body-mind-spirit practices. Her “Spiritual Fitness” program and book, The Way of Joy has transformed the lives of thousands of participants since 1976.


Interview Questions

  • How did you get into qigong and other martial arts?
  • What are some tips to manage stage fright?
  • Can you share some success stories?
  • Why do you believe it is important to find embodied tools to move around limiting core beliefs?
  • How Self Expression can Boost your Health
  • How Energetic Boundaries are a Key Element to Vibrant Living
  • What are some good ways to optimize your energy during different Seasons
  • How can qigong help?
  • What are some embodied tools we can use to amplify the power of our presence while still honoring the “shy self”
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Samples of Past Speaking Engagements

Video Interviews, Podcasts, and Radio:

Bring Your Power Presence to the Virtual and Live Stage with Vicki Dello Joio and Nancy Juetten, March 31, 2022
Creative Side Business for Women Summit with Carrie Nerbonne. Vicki talks about “The Secret Sauce behind Charisma, Energy infused methods to make you stand out.” June 30, 2022
Present (since 2013) – Vicki Hosts “Qi Talks” for National Qigong Association: Interviews with internationally recognized Qigong Teachers, airing the 2nd Thursday of each month from 8:30-9:30 pm Eastern.

Living to 100 Club, Dr. Joe Casciani with Vicki Dello Joio: “Becoming More Empowered by Owning the Story about Who We Are” Oct. 7, 2022

INpowered Mind-INpowered Health with host Jayne Marquis with Vicki Dello Jolo “The Energy behind Charisma: The Secret Sauce for Authentic Connections!” Sept. 28, 2022 – 

Age Sister Podcast (How to live your best life in midlife and beyond), Kate Milne interviews Vicki Dello Joio – “How to Deliver Your Message with Passion, Presence, and Power” Sept. 15, 2022 –

Interview with Vicki Dello Joio, Master Qi Gong Teacher, Author, Inspirational Speaker
Masters of the Matrix – with Greg Em August 7, 2022

Vicki Dello Joio Speaks at WE EmPOWER You Global Virtual Summit, June 8, 2022 with Bettina Carey, Founder & CEO

Bringing Heaven to Earth, Earth Angels International, May 25, 2022 – Vicki Dello Joio joins Seph Dietlin in this episode to share her story and how you can bring high vibrating energy into your experience and gain the momentum that you are looking for.

Vicki Dello Joio – Energy & Joy Master Teacher, The Next Chapter Experience with Janette Blissett, Podcast: May 14, 2022

Embodied Storytelling, Mime, and Qigong, Vicki Dello Joio with Whitney Ann Jenkins Unconditioning: Discovering the voice Within Podcast: April 29, 2022

Moving Energy, Spiritual Fitness, and Personal Power Presence with Vicki Dello Joio – Rebellious Wellness Over 50 podcast with Gregory Ann Cox

How to Manage Your Qi and Hold Healthy Boundaries with Guest Vicki Dello Joio — Healing Ground Movement podcast with Dr. Carly Hudson:

Visibility Collaborative with Meredith Liepelt:

Embodied Joy with Phyllis Ginsberg:

Why Your Story Matters with Julia Glyde:

Transformational Messenger TV with Ron Coquia:

Rock Star Speaking and Story-telling with Christel Arcucci:

Leadership Stars with Linda Patten:

Empowering Women, Transforming Lives Radio with Rebecca Hall Gruyter:

Treat Yourself like a Star with Rebecca Hall Gruytere

Journey to Balancing your life with Brandy T. Jones:

Navigating Life Work Partnerships with Brandy T. Jones



American Business Women’s Association: Oakland

Business Women of San Mateo

Women’s Empowerment Series with Rebecca Hall Gruyter (Several times)

An example: Spring Forward: Breaking Through Resistance (Live Event)

East Bay Women’s Network

Empowered Women Summit Series

Successful Thinkers Network: Alameda, Concord, Walnut Creek (Several times)

  An example:

At Home with Growing Older. Berkeley, Oakland

National Qigong Association Annual Conference: Featured Presenter (Many, many Times)

Oakland Museum of Art


Performer – Live Theater:

1997- Present: Active Performing Member of Living Arts Playback Theater Company.

San Francisco Bay Area, Napa, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Jonesborough, Philadelphia, more…

2017-2019 Oakland Freedom Theater: Various Bay Area Venues.

2013 – 2019: “What’s Wrong with a Mouse?” 1 woman show: New York, Berkeley, Oakland, Austin, Dallas, Philadelphia, Sonoma, Los Angeles Women’s Theater Festival, Encore! West Hollywood, Fringe Festivals: New York, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and more…

1993-96 “It’s No Accident” Solo performances at The Marsh, Brava, and Red Dora’s (San Francisco)

1996 “The Smell of Carrots” Solo pieces workshopped with Corey Fisher at Travelling Jewish Theater (San Francisco) 1993 “False Gods and Rose Petals” by Carolyn Campbell, featured performer (The Lab, San Francisco)

1993 “Into the Night” Hotel Utah (San Francisco)
1989 “Vaudeville, Nu?” Curator, Emcee, Performer, Ollie’s (Oakland) 1988 “It’s a Mime’s Eye View” One Woman Show, Theater Rhino (San Francisco), Toured in Santa Barbara, Trinity County 1988 “14 Ladies in Hats” Noh Theater (San Francisco) 1979 – 1979-1986 Common Threads theater company, Founder and Director, Choreographer, Co-Producer, Writer, Performer


2014 -Present: Every 21 Days: Cancer, Yoga & Me. Stephanie Johnson

2010               Crazymaking by Mamo Kim. Pomona College.

2008               Youth performance for Oakland Museum (Oakland)

1995               “Tapiz” María Enriqueta Gonzales Barron. Luna Sea. (San Francisco)

1995           Queen of the Girls” Julia Trahan. Studio 848. (San Francisco)

1994               Consult/Guest Director: several solo performance artists at Luna Sea.

1993-94         Performance Art pieces. Miriam Kronberg. (Berkeley) (S.F.)

1993               “Lenguas” María Enriqueta Gonzales Barron. Brava. (S.F.)

1993               “Sacred Acts” 8 students from my performance lab. Brava. (S.F.)

1983               “Kishka Sisters” Jewish Women’s Theater. (S.F.)