The Earth realm is the source of our health and our wealth, the place our nourishment comes from, both literally and symbolically…whatever has formed you, made you the person you are, as well as the strength and knowledge that come from your ancestors, roots, and heritages both biological and spiritual.                                                                       The Way of Joy

Today I honor my beloved mother who just turned 90. Reflecting back on the history of my relationship with her, I want to acknowledge and celebrate the legacy she has gifted me with and the special qualities she holds that I hope to carry forward in my own life.

All of us are guided and influenced by people who came before us, whether they are related to us by blood or we are inspired by them in emotional, mental or spiritual ways. Now at the conclusion of Thanks-giving weekend, as we remember the importance of practicing gratitude, today’s qigong practice is a method to actually embody the gifts you have received from those who came before you.

What are the qualities you carry forward from your predecessors?

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Vicki Dello Joio, founder of The Way of Joy: A Spiritual Fitness Program, is a teacher, speaker and performing artist. Integrating over 40 years of Chi Kung practice with other martial arts as well as her work in Yoga, Feldenkreis, physical fitness and theater, Vicki has developed a dynamic set of tools to increase awareness, transform obstacles into opportunities and enhance creative potential. Book: The Way of JoyCD: Short Meditations for a Busy Life.