An Invitation from Vicki Dello Joio to You
Start Your Year Right!
You're Invited to The Way of Joy
19th Annual NOURISH THE FLAME Event
Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020
1:30-3:30 pm (Pacific time)

Yes, these are pivotal times! So, this year, in the comfort of your home -- relaxed, open, and ready to receive -- you'll get to synergize energies with people all over the world, all setting intentions for what you want to have happen to you in 2020.

With the power of Way of Joy Qigong and its community, you'll get out of your head, connect to your essence, embed your intentions, and set them free to grow and manifest in the coming year!

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What a perfect way to fuel your flame, beliefs, hopes and JOY for 2020!

Stepping into a new year with intention, hope, and the irrefutable power to manifest

●  Moving your energy with other full-hearted folks

●  Under the guidance of Way of Joy Qigong Master Teacher Vicki Dello Joio

●  In the sacred space of your own home

●  Interacting with laughter and fun. Yes, moving qi together is nothing short of Joyous!

●  Learning Vicki's tried-and-true methods that for decades have helped people transform their dreams into reality

●  Guaranteed to lift your heart, move your energy, shift your body and set you up to kick some manifestation boot-ay in the new year!

The incredible transformative practices of previous "in-person" NOURISH THE FLAME Events, are once again being offered online worldwide to the ever-growing Way of Joy Community.

Be there for LIVE real-time interaction.
(Recording will be available.)

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What people are saying about Nourish The Flame:

"I feel relaxed and energized, ready to release the old year and bring in the new one."

"Like chicken soup when you’re sick, this was the nourishment I needed to make me Ready To GO— Exactly what I needed to move forward into the next year."

"I feel like the best version of myself —confident, bright, awake to the part of me that believes I can do anything. With these tools, I can have more of those feelings in my life  in the coming year."

"I was a little skeptical — I’ve done yoga, I’ve done meditation — but this— I feel a really profound shift inside of me."

"Ultimate empowerment. It is totally divine."
Founder of "The Way of Joy: A Spiritual Fitness Program," Vicki is an inductee into the Association of Women's Martial Arts Instructors Hall of Fame for her more than 40 years of success teaching qigong and qi practice..  

Vicki is a transformational speaker, dynamic workshop leader and show-stopping performer whose brand of brilliance is guiding people to claim their birthright of Joy. Her audiences, students and clients learn to embody these lessons in their very cells, so the transformation stays with them for life.