The top of a redwood tree fell during the windstorm

View from my back door

I stood alone in the living room, hand pressed against the cold window, and watched abrupt spurts of wind as they whipped oak branches in the darkening morning light. I could feel echoing tremors in my own 8-year-old trunk as the willow near the fence bowed down almost to breaking.”

We had a mighty windstorm here in the Bay Area a couple of nights ago that reminded me of a hurricane I’d experienced in Long Island when I was a kid. When, with no small effort, I was able to shove my back door open in the morning after the storm, I was stunned to see the view in the picture above.

Even though neither of these storms, then or now, come close to matching the extremities of damage happening in different parts of the world in the last several months, most recently in the Philippines, the power of these primordial forces lodged themselves in my awareness with an almost detached curiosity about what it means to be at the Eye of the Storm.

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