Classes & Events Schedule

Qigong at Lake Temescal, Oakland, CA
Ongoing Outdoor Classes
Wake Up and Feel the Qi — All levels
Friday Mornings: 7:30-8:15 AM

$60 for series of 4; ($20 single class drop in)
Class schedule:
Nov. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
All dates subject to change.


Recharge yourself with these effective 45 minute, outdoor practice sessions
to revitalize your energy and calm your spirit.

Practices include short and long forms from the Way of Joy Qigong that

• relax your mind (shen or Heaven realm)
• open your heart (qi or the Human realm)
• invigorate your energy (jing or the Earth realm).

We practice in Temescal Park near the SOUTH entrance off Broadway Terrace, right across from entrance to Hwy 13 (south). It’s a short, easy walk from the small parking lot. Just walk towards the Lake and you will find us near under the Redwoods. Or come a little early and enjoy a brisk energizing walk around the lake before practice!


Pivot to Positive
Online Video Training Program
& Way of Joy Community

You don’t have to sell all your belongings and move to a mountaintop to experience peace of mind. Now you can access “quick pivot” energy tools to bring you back to center — no matter where you are, no matter what challenges you are facing!

Create more of what you want in your life in a powerful community of like-minded change makers.

Breakthrough Stuck Patterns and Rev Up Your Energy!

This mobile-optimized “practice in your pocket” is there for you anytime, anywhere. A treasure trove of on-line videos to support you when different triggers push you off center. So you can get back to YOU and let that crystal energy SHINE.



Founder and Host of Qi Talks
With the National Qigong Association
Vicki Dello Joio

The National Qigong Association is very proud to present a monthly conversation with some of the brightest Energy Arts minds in the world and share them with you through QiTalks with your host Vicki Dello Joio (Often referred to the “Terry Gross” of the Qigong world.)

2nd Thursday of the month.

Anyone can register, tune in, listen and even ask questions of our special guest during the live QiTalks broadcast. Additionally, you’ll want to stay tuned to the end of the broadcast as many of our special guest offer gifts / discounts on training materials just for participating in the call!



November 2
Playback Theater presents
Positively Shameless Now:
A theater performance from Bangladesh

Barnett Hall at Lake Shore Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland, CA
Followed by audience reflection and sharing, facilitated by the Living Arts Playback Theater Ensemble (Vicki has been performing with this ensemble 20+ years.)


November 4

Riding the Waves of Change:
A Way of Joy Qigong® Workshop for Challenging Times

with Vicki Dello Joio

Presented by Israid
Sunday, Nov 4: 5:00-7:00 pm
Santa Rosa


Qigong is an ancient system of energy practices, physical exercises and internal meditations that create a feeling of harmony, tranquility, and peace. In this workshop, you’ll learn some powerful practices to relax AND energize you by increasing your ability to be spontaneous and flexible while staying grounded and centered, even in the face of life’s challenges.

In this introductory workshop, you will learn key practices to
• Experience an inner state of stillness in the face of overwhelm
• Ride through transitions gracefully, whether they are large life transitions or daily shifts
• Cultivate your ability to be responsive rather than reactive when faced with sudden or sustained change.
• Increase your vitality while sustaining inner peace.

About Israid’s program.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the devastating wildfires, join us for a series of state-of-the-art workshops designed to provide support and learning opportunities. Discover how a well- rounded self-care system can help when dealing with stress, discomfort and anxiety. Learn practical tools to ease our minds, become more present, resilient and compassionate for ourselves and our community.

November 8

Qi Talks with Susan Huff & Gordon Wicks
Everyday Qi: Breath & Postural Alignment for ‘FEELING’ Better Now

In everyday life, all throughout the day, whether sitting, standing or even laying down, we can be aware of our alignment and our breath. This self awareness leads to a deeper connection with our physical & emotional state. Join us as we talk about the core principles of self healing & personal wellness practices and how to simplify your day to day, moment to moment experience through posture, breath & flow. We will also be discussing our personal experiences with guiding special demographics clients of all ages with learning needs, chronic illness or severe physical limitations.


November 15

2 Women, 2 Stories: Aging with Power, Grace and Humor
With Vicki Dello Joio and Merry Ross

Thursday, Nov, 15 – 6:00 PM

Two solo performances about the trials and tribulations of aging, such as menopause, care-taking of older parents and all the funny and moving moments that happen along the way.

In What’s Wrong with a Mouse? Vicki Dello Joio works to heal a 20-year rift with her father, who disowned her for being queer. As Vicki cares for her father during his final days, she travels back in time with humor and heart.

In What’s My Age Again? Merry Ross explores the unknown terrain of peri-menopause introducing her grandmother, mother, and daughters through hilarious and poignant stories, that range from stand-up comedy to self-revelatory performance.


November 23
Days of Deepening: Optimize the Energy of Autumn

Connect with your core and revitalize your energy as the days shorten and the nights lengthen. A webinar for gratitude.


Sun. December 9
The Beauty of the Not So Beautiful: A Black Woman’s Story

A One Woman show featuring Simbwala Schultz
Directed by Vicki Dello Joio

December 10 – 14
5 Day Challenge: Rise and Thrive

Imagine 5 days of short, but concentrated time on yourself, for yourself, with my guidance. Spending about 10 minutes each day for a week with simple, yet profound practices of focus, observation and gentle movements, your energy can shift exponentially.


Sat. December 29
Nourish the Flame: A Virtual Event to Start Your Year Right

SAVE THE DATE: Registration begins soon.

Sat. January 19, 2019
Rock Star Speaking and Story-telling: Your Story Matters! Day-Long Workshop

Way of Joy Center
5175 Miles Ave


Way of Joy Qigong Retreat
with Vicki Dello Joio in Costa Rica
January, 2020 at the Soffeggio Retreat Center


Message of Solfeggio

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