The emotion that feeds our resistance to moving past old blocks is very often fear. I think it’s because a kind of death occurs as you let go of any old forms…It’s a natural emotion whether facing a literal death of someone else, yourself, or a metaphoric death of some aspect that is no longer serving you. –Way of Joy

I woke up this morning with a memory behind my eyelids that just fascinated me because of its timing. Yesterday I was given an opportunity (by my awesome business mentors Brandy Mychals and Vinca Heart) to publicly name some recent successes. So it was interesting to remember when I faced (what I believed at the time was) a certain death.

As I go through my current life transition, letting go of some old worn out self-images of failure and move to new levels of accomplishment, I find myself facing aspects I gotta admit I don’t love to face. But I take heart from the wisdom of my child self who regarded this all with very different eyes.

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