Vicki Dello Joio supports women leaders called to “be the change” to step into the spotlight, speak out and raise the energy of the people they serve.

Vicki Dello Joio
Transformational Speaker and Life-Changing Workshop Leader

Inspire and Motivate Your Audience:

Essentials for Speakers, Leaders & Business Owners.

  • Enhance the power of your message and learn how to “show not tell” your story.
  • Learn how to command the stage while staying authentic.
  • Craft your compelling message to carry your audience on a journey.
  • Infuse your presence with irresistible energy to magnetize your ideal clients.
  • Explore techniques to keep your material fresh and your mind alert (even when you have stage fright).


Magnetic First Impressions:

Amplify the Power of Your Presence for Women in Business Success

  • Stand Out as the “Go To” Expert in your field
  • Get Your Glow On from the inside out
  • Discover Essentials to attracting your ideal clients
  • Recharge Yourself and transform stress into momentum
  • Clear Brain Fog and overwhelm so you show up as your best self

Vicki Dello Joio brings a lifetime of experience as a world-class performer, sold out show-stopper and transformational speaker who has brought audiences to their feet time and again.

She has directed numerous theatrical shows, including several solo performances. Now she is applying her years of experience to support visionary women entrepreneurs and speakers to step into the spotlight, tell their story and inspire those they are meant to serve.

Vicki travels from the San Francisco Bay Area to bring her message to appreciative audiences worldwide. She welcomes invitations to share her content via teleseminar and live events to visionary women leaders and Innovative entrepreneurs. Book Vicki for your next event!

“Vicki Dello Joio is an amazing speaker that captivates her audience from the moment she steps on stage. Her stage presence, way of sharing, and messages always serve at the highest level to inspire her audience, empower them and help them move in a positive direction. I highly recommend Vicki as a speaker, guest expert, and as a heart-centered leader.”  Rebecca Hall Gruyter, founder/owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice, Speaker Talent Search and The Women’s Empowerment Series