Vicki Dello Joio,  Author and Founder of “The Way of Joy: A Spiritual Fitness Program,” is a transformational speaker, life-changing workshop leader and show-stopping performer whose brand of brilliance is guiding people to claim their birthright of Joy.

Inducted into the Women’s Martial Artists Hall of Fame for her 40+ years experience teaching qigong and qi practice, she teaches appreciative audiences to embody these lessons in their very cells, so the transformation stays with them for life.

The National Qigong Association honors Vicki  for her 7 years as an active member of the NQA Board of Directors.

Vicki Dello Joio:  Inspirational Speaker, Performer, Director, Coach,  Master Teacher

Vicki Dello Joio

Author of the book The Way of Joy, Vicki founded the Way of Joy Center in 1994 where she continues to offer workshops and classes to the public. Vicki was a member of the faculty at John F. Kennedy University for several years, served on the Board of Directors of the National Qigong Association, and is a master trainer of Powerful Non-Defensive Communication™.

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Vicki has extensive training with master teachers, including Tai Chi Master Franklin Kwong, Ed Young from Master Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s school in New York, and Chi Kung Master Khaleghl Quinn in California. Vicki studied theater arts at Carnegie-Mellon University and at Hagen-Berghoff Studio with Herbert Berghoff. She learned the Feldenkreis Method from Katya Delakova, an early student of Moshe Feldenkreis.

She studied mime in Paris with Etienne Decroux, teacher of Marcel Marceau, and physical theater with Jacques Le Coq, founder of the L’Ecole Internationale de Theater Jacques Lecoq. Vicki co-founded, directed and performed with Common Threads Theatre Company, which toured for seven months in Europe.

She choreographed Synergy, a work commissioned for the company by the American Association of University Women, performed at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Vicki also appeared in two critically acclaimed one-woman shows, A Mime’s Eye View and her most recent dramatic story about transformation and reconciliation in What’s Wrong with a Mouse? Vicki is a member of the Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble which performs publicly, at national conferences, and with the Healing the Wounds of History project, which brings together polarized groups such as African-Americans and European-Americans and Palestinians and Israelis, to transform the pain of shared historical legacies into constructive action.

With her diverse background, Vicki has developed unique teaching methods that empower people to focus their energy with increased awareness, transforming obstacles into opportunities and enhancing their creative potential. She has been a presenter at many conferences and organizations, including the National Qigong Association, martial arts and yoga schools across the country, as well other professional and community organizations such as Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center and the Oakland Museum.

As a facilitator, Vicki’s presentations include interactive dialogue, theater games, and martial arts as teaching tools with a wide range of applications for personal growth, professional development and community building. Her speeches and workshops have proven highly effective for leadership development, conflict resolution, and communication across cultural differences.