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You don’t have to sell all your belongings and move to a mountaintop to experience peace of mind.
Now you can access “quick pivot” energy tools to bring you back to center — no matter where you are, no matter what challenges you are facing!

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Rock Star Speaking and Storytelling Intensive
VIP Small Group • Laser Focused Coaching
Tuesday evenings beginning Oct. 9, 2018

Discover tried and true theatrical secrets to embody your message so you RIVET YOUR AUDIENCE at the same time you engage them. —  in Vicki’s Home Studio, Oakland, CA

  • Explore improvisational techniques that keep your material fresh and your mind alert, even when you have stage fright.
  • Enhance the power of your message by learning how to “show not tell” your story.
  • Craft your compelling message to carry your audience on a journey to your offer.
  • Infuse your presence with irrepressible, irresistible energy to magnetize your ideal clients.
  • Learn how to command the stage while staying authentically You.
  • Inspire, Motivate, and Transform your audience from the stage.


Vicki Dello Joio supports women leaders called to “be” the change, step into the spotlight, speak out and raise the energy of the people they want to serve. She combines the best of her over 40 years experience in both theater performance and teaching qi (energy) practices, to empower women to be more effective and charismatic as they deliver their message.